Why CNC Clear Cut

The obvious choice in Africa

  1. Made In South Africa: All our plasma machines are designed, engineered and manufactured in South Africa.
  2. Bed size: From 1300×1300 mm cutting area to 3000 x 13000 mm and more.
  3. Approved manufacturer: We are an approved Hypertherm Channel Partner.
  4. Complete turnkey solution: We offer CAD, CAM and CNC operator courses.
  5. Education: University of Johannesburg, Potchefstroom and Sol-tech make use of CNC Clear Cut machines in their training syllabus.
  6. Support: Our trained technical support team offer online, telephone and on-site assistance.
  7. Maintenance, parts and consumables: We stock the largest variety of original CNC Clear Cut and Hypertherm machines and parts in Africa.
  8. Show room experience: We have a very unique showroom with all the relevant machines on display. These machines are not just on display, but working around the clock to build other machines.


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All new CNC Clear Cut offer

‘Hypertherm Torch Loyalty Program’

CNC Clear Cut offers to all new and existing clients for next 3 years, once a year, Hypertherm torch main body replacement parts to its original condition. Depending on your Hypertherm mechanized (hand held not included) plasma system, from Powermax to HPR XDs.
Products and services will be offered at reasonable competitive prices from CNC Clear Cut and its authorized distributors for the duration of the program.

The value of your torch program annually, depending on your plasma system could be valued from:

R2900 to R16000 that could be up to a total R48000 over the period.

Why join?


  1. BIG savings on consumables.

  2. New plasma torch main body once a year.

  3. Free advice on correct consumable usage.

  4. Machine warranty guaranteed.




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